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Wa Logu Talo Galay! Ghetto system!

somali podcast simaneey episode wa logu talo galay

Hee Asc! Walalayaal Ghettoga waxa ka socda iyo jarka ayan ka hadlaya. Wa episode cusub Simaneey Somali Podcast! Systemka jira ee logu talo galay sii anad wax kale uu rajen oo uu niyad jabtid! Wa system cajiib ah oo jar walba logu dhigayo si halkaa uso dhaafin! wadoyinkooga inad martid, duukaan kooga inad iman,business kooga inad qabsan. Taxe walba way bixinayan si halkaa logu hayo dadkaas. 5ta logu talo galay ee si fudud uga socda ghetto;

  1. school riqiis
  2. drug riqiis
  3. khamri riqiis
  4. qori riqiis
  5. naf riqiis

Wixi in taboo laga dhigo maha wa in guriga laga hadla oo dhalinyarada laga idha “wa logu talo galay”. Walidiinta qarsada dhibatada yaguna khalad ma leh.

Hadi arimahan oo kale ad jeceshahay waxad dhageysan karta Carol Anderson youtubka ku qor CAROL ANDERSON White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Nation’s Divide (51minutes). Comments ka dhibo websiteka si uga wada hadalno arintan. Hadi nagu cusub tahay wll kuso dhowow podcastkan.

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